transitions in life are uncomfortable.

new job, old boyfriend, new you, new boyfriend, breaking up with friends, can’t find new ones, moving away (moving home), new diet, vegetarian, vegan? new sickness, old habits, new mistakes, new religion, new god, old morals, new self, new pet, the old one died, new memories, new crush, old flame, new heartache, new boundaries, new tears, new strength, etc.

these things push you,
mold you,
scar you,
leave you stranded/lonely,
sometimes, the new you mixes with the old and it feels like you’re moving backwards, almost effortlessly.
and before you realize it you’re back to where you first started.
“i wasted so much time”
“it was all for nothing.”
rough drafts are okay. they’re necessary.
proofread yourself, pick up where you left off.

these transitions might make you cry…like, uGly cry. snot dripping. shirt collar as tissue. eyes bloodshot. not knowing up from down, past from present, and very unsure of what the future holds.

“the future”

the very thing giving us “hopes” and “dreams” and “rainbows” and “unicorns”.

seeing is believing and i’ll believe it when i see it

years of questions lead to years of answers–no matter how much the truth hurts.

was he worth the swipe?
what are you filling those voids with?
is that costco membership necessary? you literally live alone
fries before guys?
to date or not to date?

are all libras trash?
how many friends do you really need?
to quit or not to quit?

these transitions often turn you into something ugly and unknown before it
gets beautiful.
you’ll hardly recognize yourself–but frankly, that’s the whole point.
they say you can’t heal in the same environment that made you sick.
so move.

the butterfly was once a—
the butterfly is now free.


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