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dating is a 2 way street. be sure to look both ways before crossing each others mind.
wow, actually..nevermind, that sounded a bit too cliché.
let’s start this over.

dating is a 2-way street. crossing this street is dangerous should you choose not to look both ways. look only to your left and get hit with heartbreak. look only to your right and you die.
which is worse?
the best way to cross this street is if you cross it with someone at the same time.
left, right
right, left
one looks left, the other looks right.


eye contact builds trust, security, intimacy, etc. try not to blink. try not to think. overthinking will stop this journey before it even begins. the light is still red and you haven’t even left the sidewalk yet.
control your thoughts or let them control you. don’t actually let 
them control you though. if it’s ‘’my way or the highway” you better take the highway. you were raised better than that.
you were raised better than that.
you were raised better than that.

make up your mind already!! do you like them yet or not? they’ve given you flowers, given you compliments, opened doors, opened your legs….but they don’t text back fast enough. maybe they’re busy. maybe they’re opening doors for someone else. maybe they’re busy. maybe you said the wrong thing.
oh wait, the light is still RED


go with the flow or let them go. go fishing, there’s plenty more out there.

lust is one hell of a drug so make sure you keep the prescription filled!! if you run out, just get another one.
and another one.
and another one.
and another one.
five more ‘til you overdose.
resurrect yourself. look in the mirror and ask God for forgiveness. no more drugs. well, not for now at least. those drugs are dangerous in the long run. but in the short run, they’re fun.
the heart on your sleeve isn’t there anymore. whoops. it probably rubbed off between some sheets awhile ago.
maybe you’ll find it again someday.
maybe you’ll find it again someday.
maybe you won’t.
maybe you won’t.
i found mine not too long ago.
have you found yours?
if not, look closer.

ah..there it is.


explore the world while exploring each other’s minds.
discover the very depths of their being.
and don’t stop until you do.
ask questions. be nosy, be vulnerable. notice what you notice. notice when they don’t notice. pay attention to the little things because they add up. get out of your head and get into theirs. this is valuable. this is important. the way to their heart is through their mind. a mindful love is a lasting love.
make it last a month.
make it last 5 years.
make it last forever.
make it last forever?

i never had anything last that long though. usually 2 months max, maybe 3 if i had a ‘good time’. crazy high standards, stubborn emotional walls, and a short attention span were proving to be the bane of my love life’s existence. my ability to ‘block, forget, and move on’ felt unnaturally natural.
that’s growth.
“that’s toxic”
no, that’s growth.
i’ve learned it’s best to communicate beforehand though. that counts for something, right?
the 2-way street becomes a dead end. good bye. good riddance.

great riddance.

no feelings means no hurt feelings, right?
“who hurt you??”
no one.
i just don’t like wasting my time.
practice makes perfect, i guess.
practice makes perfect, i guess.
practice makes perfect, i don’t guess, i know.

summer flings don’t turn into wedding rings but this time feels different. not quite the wedding rings part, but the “feeling different” part.
(yeah, you get it)
this feels good so far.
so far, so good
so good.
i think?
“we’ll see”
but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. one step at a time, we’re still on the sidewalk and the light is still RED.

but if you or you or you are reading this, if you’ve made it this far..know that i like you enough to actually want to cross this busy street. 

hopefully we make it off the sidewalk.



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